How to Buy / Order

  1. For Leg splint, Field Book Cover, Cox Fanny & Powderface Pogies, please see my Shopify Store. If they're in stock on the webstore, that means they're made and ready to ship out. If sold out, please enter your information on this form as to what product you want.
  2. For Custom Mountain Packs (Selkirk, Monashee and Rockies Rolltop) please enter your details on this form. The form walks you through the massive amount of custom options.
  3. For the Ski Guides Rescue tarp, if they're out of stock on the webstore, then please add your name to the wait list. I'll contact you once you're up.
  4. For Performance Satchels, please fill in your details on this order form.
  5. For all other products and inquiries, please email me at

Please note that I no longer accept repair work.