Alpine Threadworks has a fiery passion for making simple, functional, durable gear. It's all about the gear. There are no fancy, money wasting: showrooms, glossy catalogues, advertising campaigns, or time spent Tweeting. Here at Alpine Threadworks things are simple; I go to the mountains and ski 100+ days/season, go on month-long surfing trips, etcetera and then return to my basement sew shop to handcraft bad-ass gear based on that real-world experience.

Alpine Threadworks: simple, functional, durable.

Click on the photos below for more information (custom colours available at no extra cost):

Mountain Packs

[Custom Mountain Pack]
Custom Mountain Pack

Cycling Gear

[Cox Fanny]
Cox Fanny
[Powderface Pogies]
Powderface Pogies
[Jumpingpound Pack]
Jumpingpound Pack
[Performance Satchet]
Performance Satchel

Guides' Gear

[Leg Splint]
Leg Splint
[Field Book Cover]
Field Book Cover
[Ski Guides' Rescue Tarp]
Ski Guides' Rescue Tarp

Duffel Bags

[Wolverine Duffel]
Wolverine Duffel