Performance Satchel


The Performance Satchel is a cycling bag that fits inside the front triangle of your bike. It holds your tools (tube, levers, C02, allen keys, multi tool, quicklink, food bars, Etc) to allow you to either ride without a pack altogether or to significantly lighten the load of your pack. These bags are different for each model of bike.

I make the Performance Satchel for any model of bike.

If I do not yet have a design/template for your bike model then you will need to send in a template (see video for how-to). Email me to ask about the ever-growing list of models that I already have designs for: Nomad, V10, Hightower, Bronson, 5010, ib is mojo3/HD3, rocky mountain altitude, Tracer, Norco Sight, Devinci Wilson, Etc.

Performance satchel 1
Performance satchel 2