Rockies Rolltop Pack

35 liter: $225
45 liter: $230

The Rockies Rolltop takes the light&simple torch from the Selkirk Light and runs with it!

I started the RR project with the mindset of: "I'll make this uber simple pack to satisfy the weight weenies, but I probably won't like it". I fell in love with it during testing and have used it exclusively for my last 2 seasons of ski guiding. It's rad.

The rolltop makes for an incredibly clean, simple and easy-to-access opening. The daisy chain on the back of the pack allows for different ski, iceaxe and crampon attachment systems to be added or stripped off. I am very pumped on the über simple diagonal ski carry — tails go through bottom cord loop, then your ski strap both holds skis together and onto the pack up top.

There are 2 internal pockets; one for small items such as headlamp, lighter, sunscreen, GPS etc, and a large one for your goggles, radio, etc. optional internal avi probe and shovel handle holding tubes are available. 35 or 45 liter options.

Git some!

Rockies Rolltop Pack Rockies Rolltop Pack