Why Alpine Threadworks?

Direct selling - Double your money:

Alpine Threadworks sells directly to its customers. I do not sell through ANY retail stores. This means that my pricing formula does not have to account for retail markups. Other companies' prices are doubled, because the retail store has to make money. So when you spend $100 on a product from a retail store you are getting $50 worth of product. When you spend $100 on an Alpine Threadworks' product you are getting $100 worth of product.

Hands on:

I, Neil Warren, the owner of Alpine Threadworks, personally sew each and every stitch that comes out of my shop. That's quality control!

I've seen it before:

I have repaired literally thousands of backpacks, duffels, jackets and other outdoor gear. Alpine Threadworks is the official repair vendor for: Mountain Equipment Co-Op Calgary, U of C Outdoor Center, Lake Louise Ski Patrol, among others. By continually seeing so much broken gear, I have been able to identify design flaws/problem areas that lead to zipper, fabric and seam failure. I then transfer this information to my own designs where I eliminate/reduce these problem areas.

I use what I make:

I ski alot, I make ski backpacks. I ride my bike alot, I make messenger bags. I travel extensively for surfing trips, I make waterproof travel duffels. Having this direct connection between end-user and designer/craftsmen, means that nothing is lost in translation.

Commitment to the environment:

Alpine Threadworks' commitment to having a minimal ecological footprint is demonstrated by:

  1. Having the sew-shop powered by 100% wind energy (Bullfrog power)
  2. Purchasing North American produced materials whenever possible (and paying considerably more to do so!!)
  3. Making products from re-cycled materials.
  4. Making durable products that last.
  5. By having energy saving bulbs in every light in the sew shop.
  6. Providing repair services so you can repair your gear, not throw it away.
  7. Having zero packaging (no plastic bags, no info tags, no price tags, no catalogues)
  8. Printing my order forms on the backside of used office paper.
  9. Re-using cardboard boxes for shipping (don't be surprised when your order arrives in a Cheerios box!)
  10. When you buy locally from me, there is less international shipping involved.

Genuine parts & materials:

No imitation or substandard parts or materials are used.

  1. Zippers: All zippers and sliders are from YKK® and are made in Canada.
  2. Buckles: From the industry leader, Duraflex®
  3. Webbing: Nylon webbing from Tape Craft, made in the USA.
  4. Thread: 3-ply bonded Nylon thread is used on all products.
    1. 69-weight Nylon thread is used on all non-structural seams. (the same thread used to sew work boots!)
    2. Industry-leading 92-weight Nylon thread is used to sew all structural seams on all products.

Please see the Fabrics page for a complete listing of the fabrics that Alpine Threadworks uses.